What makes the Garba of Gujarat so special and famous?

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    Garba is a traditional dance form of Gujarat. You couldn’t imagine a Gujarati without love for Garba. It is normally performed during the festival of Navaratri though Gujaratis are totally crazy about it and perform it during any other festival or when they are in the mood. Navratri is split into 2 words – Nav, a Gujarati word for nine & Ratri, which is Gujarati for night. Thus it is performed for 9 nights as a praise for the powerful goddess Durga (Amba). The 10th day is celebrated as Dussehra. There are various forms of Garba and they are normally performed in a circle signifying a view of time. So why Garba is so special, a non-Gujarati might ask. Well, here are some reasons why Garba is so special and famous.


1. Garba is in the blood of Gujarat: The name Garba itself prompts you to dance. It hardly matters whether you know how to perform Garba because when you are in a group, you can easily follow the steps of your friends. The steps or leg movement are most important in Garba and once you know it, you can move your body to the rhythm of Garba songs. If you have heard the song Nagade Sang Dhol baje… from RamLeela, you would know the effect.



2. The traditional Garba music gives you goose bumps: The traditional Garba music portrays the incredible culture of Gujarat. Most of the Garba songs are written by ancient famous poets. You can feel the Garba songs inside your heart. The lyrics of Garba are highly effective to give you goosebumps.

Kaho Poonam na Chand ne…, Chararr Chararr Maru Chalkdol chale…, Tara vina Shyam mane…


3. People get to wear gorgeous traditional costume: One of the specialty for which Garba is famous, is the traditional costume. Girls get to wear Chaniya Choli, Bindis, Necklaces, Kamarbandh, Payal etc. While guys get dressed up in beautiful Kurta, Pyjamas, Dupatta and Mojiris. Chaniya Choli are colorful and filled with embroidery and shining items. People look gorgeous in this dress code. A group could just shine out by similar pattern of traditional clothes. Money is not a concern when they go to buy this costume. They just need to look Garbalicious.



You would fall in love with the gorgeous beauty Deepika Padukone by seeing this still from RamLeela.



4. Recent Tattoo trends are picking up: Since last few years, it has become a trend to get tattoos of “Radha-Krishna” on the back. Girls just look lavishing with this Garba tattoo.



5. Foreigners getting attracted to Garba: The fame of Garba has spread in many countries. Foreigners get attracted to this traditional form of dance and like to dress up in Garba costumes. The huge number of foreigners visit to Gujarat every year just for enjoying the festival of Navratri. It is also celebrated in other countries where Gujaratis have migrated. It can be said that the game is international now.


The Garba dance can also be performed using Dandiya which is decorated rods of metal or wood. Besides, there are various forms of Garba like Titodo, 3 taali, Vinchudo, Panchyu and many more. So you get a huge number of steps thereby enjoying you throughout Garba night. So what you waiting for? Navratri is coming soon. Go. Get your costumes and get ready for the best Navratri ever!!


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