How to lose weight and keep slim

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Losing weight is one of the most difficult task you will ever handle. The only task more difficult than losing weight is to keep it off. You want to lose the excess weight forever and ever.

To lose weight successfully, you need a lot of determination, a lot of patience and the right method.

The first step to lose weight is to set a target for yourself. You have to decide exactly how much weight you want to lose. You have to decide what is the ideal weight for you. Once you have made the decision. You have to decide on the right method to lose weight. photos.demandstudios.com_getty_article_94_44_178072323_XS

You have to make a plan to lose the weight over a period of time. Once you decide on the right method, you have to stick to it. Losing weight is not a 100 meter sprint. It is a long distance run. It requires you to commit for the long term.

You have to cut off access to all the high sugar, high fats junk food. You have to cut off access to unhealthy food that makes you overweight. Clear them from the refrigerator. Clear them from your house. Even if you are tempted to eat all the high sugar and high fats content food, you will not be able to eat them if you cannot find them in your house.

Keep yourself busy. Keep yourself so busy that you do not think of food all the time. Go for a walk, chat with your friends, go to the gym and do other activities that keep you from thinking of food.
When it is time for you to eat, keep to healthy food that will make you full. Eat a balanced diet that is low in fat content and low in sugar. You should add fruits to every meal. Fruits are a healthy choice to help cleanse your body of all toxins.

Once you cultivate the habit of eating healthy, you have to maintain this habit. Do not start eating all the junk food. Once you start to eat the junk food, you will never kick it off again.

Make a schedule to exercise regularly. If you enjoy running, run a few times a week. If you love swimming, please swim a few times a week. No matter what exercise you choose, you have to like it very much to do it regularly.

If you need companions to lose weight together, join the local gym. There are a lot of people who share the same goal as you. Make friends with them, and encourage each other.

After a few months or a few years of effort, you will reach your ideal weight. Now that you have worked so hard to lose weight, you have to keep the weight off. Maintain the healthy habits that kick off all the unhealthy fats and weights off your body.premier-1

When the temptation is strong to eat your favorite cheesecake or chocolate cake, you have to limit to once or twice a month. Make a promise to your body that you will work extra hard the next few days to burn off the extra calories.

Ask your friends to remind you to exercise. Keep up the friendship with all the people travelling on the journey to weight loss.

Share your experience with all your friends who are struggling with excess weight. In this way, you are helping them, and remind yourself to keep the weight off.


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