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Internet Marketing Overview

Any virtual product needs an Internet marketing strategy. Considering that the product or the services are designed for online use, being focused on online users, the marketing strategy should include a proper Internet component. Things that should be considered:

– The strength of the Internet marketing strategy that is going to be used;
– Partnerships;
– Affiliate programs;
– Letters of information and electronic magazines;
– Subscription to search engines;

It is not easy to arrange these pieces together in such a manner as to produce the most effective strategy.


Marketing strategy on the Internet

Before putting together the pieces of your marketing plan on the Internet it is necessary to have strong information and a careful study of details. This kind of marketing strategy on the Internet should include:

– Goals, deadlines, human resources and materials, etc..;
– Definition, (sub)-project responsibilities, main points;
– Assessing opportunities and risks, alternative plans

A marketing strategy on the Internet is the main key of success needed to confirm your online success.


Increasing the awareness of an online product is another key to successful online marketing of the product. This can be done by two different methods, either by advertising more, or by establishing marketing partnerships.

Marketing partnerships importance is about:

– To save more financial resources that can be redirected where it’s necessary;
–  To get and be seen by the customers of your marketing partners;
–  To share the commercial risk of an unsuccessful launch;

Affiliate Programs

Another division of the marketing partnership programs is the creation of affiliate programs, a possibility that is offered to a large number of small anonymous websites, but consistent in content and target groups.

The advantages are obvious:

– Small sites can develop their own online offer and also earn money through participation;
– Affiliate programs bring significant traffic, which in other conditions would require huge advertising campaigns
– Provides information to the surfing areas, from where new customers come as they are interested in a certain activity field;

Other forms of cooperation are: web groups and online communities, banner exchange programs, link exchange programs, etc. But what is the correct mix of programs?

Letters of information and electronic magazines

Information letters are popular tools used in online communication, in one direction, attracting users to some online sites. Electronic magazines and journals are a special form of magazines sent to the users, having a strong content, including not just fragments but whole stories.



– Merchants receive information about the latest offers (information letters) and online directions (electronic magazines);
– Improves trust and loyalty among customers (electronic magazines) and increases traffic on your site (information letters);

If the content is irrelevant for the target group or it is sent without having an approval (spam), letters of information and electronic journals can create many problems, so pay attention to the principles of marketing permission. If it is correctly done, the information letters and electronic magazines can be a blessing!

Search engines

Similar to yellow books and directories from the offline world, search engines act as guides on the Internet, in the virtual world, that sometimes can be chaotic and unorganized. The subscription to online search engines is an advantage.

There are some problems that might occur during subscription:

– Many search engines do not accept the entry of pages that are ‘under construction’;
– Many search engines accept just large subscriptions;
– Most search engines have different ways of recording and presenting the websites;

Thus the successful registration of a website to a search engine requires some conditions in order to be considered.


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