Ideal Private Jet Destinations in Asia

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The Asian continent is home to a variety of beautiful countries, each one steeped in its own unique history and culture. There is no better way to explore these lands than by private jets, such as a Citation or a Hawker, as many charter flights involve long delays between connecting flights.

Private jets are also ideal for a variety of reasons. In countries such as Myanmar due to their unpredictable commercial flight infrastructure and single class flights; some places in Indonesia are too remote to access for commercial flights, leaving private chartering the ideal solution; and with the immense size of India and China, private jets makes it easier to experience beyond the main international stops.


Bhutan private jet destination

Bhutan may only be a small country but it has a big reputation for being visually stunning. The country only had one airport up until 2012, but two domestic hubs have been opened in Bumthang and Trashigang. As commercial flights don’t arrive on a daily basis, many travellers are arranging private charters to visit locations where less than five percent of Bhutan’s visit. In addition, short flights over the Himalayas can be arranged for around three hours.


Cambodia private jet destination

Cambodia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful monuments and landscapes. Private flights over the majestic Angkor temples makes for a captivating experience but many are choosing to book private helicopter rides to remote areas of the country many tourists don’t visit. Private charters are available for areas such as the Cardamon Mountains, Battambang, Kratie, Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri for unique day trips.


China private jet destination

Nonstop flights are aplenty on China’s eastern sideboard but for tourists wishing to explore the road less travelled or west of the ancient city of Xi’an commercial flights can be such a hassle due to frequent delays. Private jets will save you plenty of time to explore the raw beauty of the country instead of wasting time in airports waiting for connections. Private helicopter flights can also be arranged over the Great Wall of China as well as one or two other places in the country.


India private jet destination

India, just like China, is a country of vast size and extremes. Stunning destinations such as Darjeeling, Jaisalmer and national parks are highly popular with tourists but the distance makes for a long, gruelling journey. Nonstop flights are hard to come by through many towns, so private jets and helicopters make an ideal way to get to resorts such as Amanbagh and Shimla.


India private jet destination

Indonesia has been incredibly popular with tourists due to its stunning scenery and friendly locals. Highly popular destinations (Borneo, Papua, Sulawsi and Sumba for example) can be challenging to get to, resulting on overnight connections in Bali and Jakarta. Domestic flights in the country are not reliable so many are turning to private charters to reach the outstanding beautiful destinations many tourists are unable to get to.


Mongolia private jet destination

Few countries in Asia inspire you the way Mongolia does. With centuries of history and tradition still going strong today, it is still amazing how few airports are in the country itself. Private jets are still quite reasonable and airstrips are easily established anywhere through the use of flags, making remote areas accessible in a short amount of time.


Mayanmar private jet destination

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a land shrouded in mystery and beauty. Many isolated areas are inundated with charming traditional villages and regions where the natural beauty spots will take your breath away. However, domestic flights within Myanmar are highly unreliable, many being cancelled within short notice; private jets and helicopters have been the answer, providing reliability, convenience and safety.


Nepal private jet destination

Nepal is a Southeast Asian country where magic, mystery and beauty comes together. The area which appeals to many is the famous Everest route. The route to Mount Everest Base Camp are awe-inspiring but can only be reached on foot or by yaks. Usually it will take 11 days to reach Base Camp but for those who want to get there quicker can take a private helicopter ride. Other remote areas reached via helicopter include Muktinath, Halesi and Lumbini.


Philippines private jet destination

The rice terraces in China are popular scenic points in mainland China but those in Banaue, the Philippines, can rival its Asian neighbours. The best way to reach them is via helicopter but don’t forget to marvel at the hanging coffins of nearby Sagada. Private helicopter and jets are the only way to visit some of the isolated Philippine islands which long to be explored.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka private jet destination

Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and stunning wildlife makes for an ideal destination for many. There are, however, only a limited number of airports on the island so many tourists have to rely on long car journeys on tapered roads. Private charters are popular with visitors who want to visit the charming cultural triangle in the north of the country and then to other destinations in the south and on the coast in much shorter times.


Thailand private jet destination

The karst region and Phang Nga Bay area are two areas of outstanding natural beauty in Thailand. Boat journeys are highly popular but private helicopter rides over the karst islands makes for a mesmerising experience not to be missed. Private charters and helicopter rides within the country makes for an ideal way of saving time, especially in the more remote areas where domestic flights don’t arrive in.


Vietnam private jet destination

Popular with tourists of all ages and budgets, Vietnam is home to the most captivating scenery. In the north, the mountainous area of Sapa and the Chinese border, as well as the northwest region are full of historical locations and monuments. It can be incredibly hard and time consuming to reach these isolated areas via driving, therefore private helicopters make it much easier and fun, leaving you more time to explore to your heart’s content.


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