Here are 7 International Destinations Anyone Can Afford

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#1 Thailand

Thailand is a amazing kingdom, featuring Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, and fabulous islands. Along with a enthralling history and a unique culture that includes delicious Thai food and massage, Thailand features a modern capital city, and friendly people who epitomize Thailand’s “land of smiles” reputation. You love gorging on all those Thai curries. Why not visit the place and experience one for real? The air-fares to Thailand are cheap and the stay options are not too expensive.BMD1478963OP

#2  Vietnam

Amazingly exotic and entirely persuasive, Vietnam is a country of wonderful natural beauty with an incredible heritage that quickly becomes addictive. It has everything from rocky sceneries in the Northern regions to certain tropical islands. You will also get to eat a lot of weird and exotic food, especially different types of sea-foods. The complete trip should not cost you too much if you decide to ditch high-end hotels and opt for cheaper home stays.BMD147852OP


#3 Maldives

Maldives is called as “the tropical paradise” for reasons. Its attractiveness is none like other. Maldives is a tropical country with estranged islands, which are separated by sea. And each island is surrounded by stunning white sandy beaches. It is a wonderful experience to visit and explore the beauty of the islands. A popular honeymoon destination, Maldives is a good place to visit if you want an international location.BMD147852369PO


#4 Singapore

One of the most gorgeous countries, Singapore has a lot to offer in terms of nature, culture and cuisine, modern structures and architecture, monuments and beaches.


#5 Malaysia

Malaysia is largely a country of contrasts. Here you will meet a gracious local population, whether you are in the exciting city of Kuala Lumpur or at the most beautiful beaches on any of the small islands. The diverse nature and culture in Malaysia making the neck of land and the islands around it into a paradise of opportunities for the traveler. Another favorite destination, Malaysia is beautiful and the warmth of the people there will amaze you.BMD147777582OP

#6 Sri Lanka

Magnificent beaches, stunning mountains, lush green forests, exciting wildlife, amazing cities or antique history, whatever you are looking for, Sri Lanka is the only unique holiday destination that offers all the above excitements within a very short reach and in diverse climates. Sri Lanka , the wonderful island of paradise, is on the Indian Ocean south of India and is widely known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, owing to the mysterious beauty and majesty, which Sri Lanka is burdened with.BMD145287963OP

#7 Bangkok

Energetic, humid and exotic, Bangkok is the larger-than-life city where wonderful temples, historic markets, skyscrapers and rooftop bars create an invigorating vibe that’s hard to resist. A haven for shopaholics. Go here only for the shopping experience and the crazy street-side food. The lady boy shows will leave you astonished and you will be left amazed at the grace and skill with which they dance. One of the cheapest destinations on our list, plan your trip properly and you can get it done in less than 30k.BMD1452369OP modified


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