Here are 15 symbols She Is Using You

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Reading women can be really difficult. While she may have made you believe she’s actually into you, she might as well just be using you for her own benefits. One day or the other, she’s going to show her true colors and it’s going to hurt real badly. You’re better off without selfish people in your life. Here are 15 signs she’s just not worth your time. Wake up, and walk off previous to you go too deep into her trap!imran kareena bmd

  1. She calls you in the middle of the night if she needs you, but is somehow, always busy when you desire someone to talk to.
  2. She never seems excited to hang out with you usually, but if she’s getting bored, you’re the guy she calls up.
  3. She expects you to listen to her problems patiently, but she never pays attention when you talk. She gets unfocused easily, starts playing with her phone or changes the topic to amazing she wants to talk about.bnd kareena imran
  1. She takes you along to parties because she has nobody to go with but starts ignoring you the instant she meets her friends there. She never makes any effort to make you feel comfortable around her group of associates.
  2. She expediently assumes that you’re going to pay every time you two go out.
  3. She takes advantage of your gallantry and asks you for favors all the time. You get her phone recharged, you accompany her shopping when her girl best friends are busy, you cover up for her when her parents call, and you do her assignments too. You’re hypothetical to pick her up, drive her around and then drop her too. She factually lives off you. She’s on the whole made you her b*tch.

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  1. She makes you cancel other plans for her and then thoughtlessly bails out on you at the end moment. What’s worse is that she’s never even sorry for being so insensitive.
  2. She uses you to make her boyfriend or her ex feel jealous. She’s astonishingly teasing with you in front of her friends and her ex. While it makes you feel good about yourself, you must know she’s just using you as a device for her own private gains.
  3. She’s always seeking your understanding. It is almost like she is with you only to feel better about herself.bmd kangna imran bmd
  1. She’s more paying attention in how much you learn, which company you work for, the kind of people you hang out with, the restaurants you go than who you are as a person.
  2. Even though she hangs out with you all the time and makes it look like she’s involved, she has never introduced you to any of her associates as her boyfriend.
  3. She shows totally no interest in your life. It is only about her, all the freaking time.bmd katrina hrittik


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