Here are 10 Movies Everyone completely Misunderstood

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  1. Inception

People maintain to chase the ‘real’ ending; Nolan wanted everyone to pursue their own slanted reality.


  1. Highway

Veera does not fall in love with Mahabir. She was distress from Stockholm syndrome.bmd Highway

  1. Darr

Rahul, the scorned lover was emulated by people who saw him as the most fervent lover. But he was a stalker and a psychopath.Darr bmd

  1. (500) Days of summer 

Tom Hansen is not really an ideal lover. He is a selfish, compulsive man.500 Days Of Summer


  1. Jane Eyre

Rochester is not a gentleman but a really self-centered and impolite person.bmd jane Eyre

  1. Raanjhana

Kundan became a hero in the eyes of the viewers. But he was actually an compulsive psycho.bmd  Raanjhana

  1. Raavan

The movie is not just a re-telling of the epic Ramayana. It explanation on the concept of right and righteousness.

bmd ravvan

8. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

The movie was not trying to preach infidelity; it was about not taking rash decisions about things like marriage.Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna bmd

9. Gravity

It is not just a space odyssey but a story which celebrates the spirit to win alongside all odds.gravity bmd

10. Haider

Not just an version of Hamlet. It was a remarks on the situation in Kashmir.

Haider bmd


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