Guide to Overcome Office Distractions

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Many times when you work at home or in a public office, it is challenging to stop certain activities from taking place. Being protective of your time and attention is necessary for you to earn your living. Here are some
easy tips to help you identify distractions, and how to direct yourself to stay focused and work through office distractions.


There are several types of office distractions that you should see as people literally taking money out of your pocket. Frequent office distractions are usually people who feel they are absolutely entitled to contact you. Many of them do have valid reasons for contacting you. These people could be business to businesssales people, consultants in your organization, or your friends or family. The things these people have in common is that they do have something to say to you. However, can what they have to say wait?

Having one hour or more a day where you are completely able to focus on the tasks that directly bring you income is very important. Even if your business interacts heavily with the public, could you not schedule a some time in your day to focus your self?

Even though it is challenging, finding this time is important. Uninterrupted portions of working time is important. The more you are distracted, the longer it takes you to get back to the point you were
at before you were interrupted. So this half hour to one hour that is completely free of distractions could be possibly equal to a whole afternoon that you are juggling tasks, answering phones, and addressing unexpected visitors in the public.

You may be asking yourself how you will find the time? Starting work a half hour to full hour early where you mentally are at your best may work for you. The work day has not yet started. Think of how you can find this
time. Even if you can schedule an extra 2 hours over the course of one week, you may be able to use this time to become more productive. Making the choice to focus on the most important income producing tasks can help you to be less stressed during your work week. Even if you came to work thirty minutes early, you could get ahead. What if you could complete your paper work, projects, filing, or work on your lead generation ?


This time could be spent to organize the key tasks that need to be done. Make important phone calls when it is the easiest to reach other executives, repair people, professionals, and personal appointments. You could use this time to create content for residual income projects, find new leads, develop a new business plan, or to track what business activities are not effective. Take the time to focus on things will create more income for you. Guard this time. Scheduling key tasks can help you to get all of your work done even when you have to address people in person, through the Internet, or by phone. Office distractions will happen. However, if you are regularly taking time to work on important tasks never again will you be forced to work past your cut off time because you are behind on basic duties, like paperwork, article writing, or even sending important emails.



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