Gods Own Country the Ultimate Travel Destination

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All those interested in exploring the beauty of nature would certainly have heard of the amazing destinations in Kerala nick named as Gods own country among the tourists. It’s really worth experiencing the plethora of natural beauty out there. The number of personnel coming to Kerala to get freshened up by experiencing the conglomeration of natural beauty is on the increase every day.


You can select from a number of beautiful locations to spend your vacation in a meaningful way in Kerala. The means of conveyance has developed much in the recent past and hence you would not face any difficulties these days in transportation. If you are landing in the capital of India, then the best way to reach to Kerala is flights. You can select from a number of International flights that fly to the tourist destinations of Kerala daily. There are domestic flights too which would give you the luxury of a more wide spread network of flights.

You may need to stay for at least a fortnight in Kerala to visit all the tourist destinations but if you want to really enjoy the trip it is better to stay at one place for a week or so and plan the visits in two or three different occasions. In that case you can directly fly to the airport near to your destination.


There are three international airports in Kerala namely, Trivandrum, Cochin and Kozhikode. From these places you can move on to the exact location by means of tourist cars s it would give a beautiful opportunity to experience the natural beauty en route.

Booking tickets to the tourist destinations of Kerala will be a little bit difficult in the peak season. The best option available is getting the bookings done through web portals like Qazko as they offer you the opportunity to select from a vast number of flights. If you book in advance you could get several discounts also.

You can also get the best deals in hotel reservations and car rentals through the web site of Qazko. If you plan to enjoy boating in the back waters of Kerala then you can reserve a stay in the house boats well in advance and enjoy living amidst the waves for a whole day or two.


It is very hard to explain the feelings you get while travelling in Kerala and by the end of the trip you would agree that it is really Gods own country.


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