Gift Ideas for Children at Easter

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Come April and it is time when children will inevitably go crazy – the giant, fluffy Easter bunny descends on the world, showering with the world with delicious Easter eggs to all the children. It is a beautiful time for children and adults alike.

OK, maybe not so beautiful after all. No one has actually seen the Easter bunny in all his fluffy glory, so it is left for the parents to buy and distribute Easter presents to their children or other people’s children. Every year the main present is chocolate. Whether it is the shape of an egg, rabbit, tablet or bar, at Easter it is chocolate which makes the world go round. 

  • Yet in this health conscious day and age, parents are aware that too much chocolate is not good for their children. So, in a bid to be healthier what do you buy them instead? This guide will provide you with some great gift ideas for children at Easter.
  • Sweets! Instead of buying lots and lots of chocolate, a variety of jelly sweets could be a good alternative for children. There is a wide range of healthier sweets which have no added sugar in them but will still allow the little ones to indulge in something that tastes great.
  • Decorative baskets can be the ideal Easter gift for children who like something pretty or creative. Whether you buy a basket that’s all ready decorated or purchase ribbons and flowers etc to pretty one up, you can fill the basket with other Easter goodies to make a fantastic gift. After the holiday has passed, it comes in handy for storing away all your little one’s other items.
  • A stuffed toy makes the heart melt. What child do you know that doesn’t like a stuffed toy? At Easter there is an incredible range of fluffy bunnies, chicks and bears that will call out to your child. With such a vast range, you are sure to find one that your little one doesn’t have. If a stuffed toy is a little too young for your child, an action toy or a normal doll will equally be loved.
  • Dressing up costumes, whether in the Easter version, a Disney character or simply a pair of fairy wings will put a big grin on your child’s face for the entire day. Babies in a fluffy pink or blue bunny costume will cause everyone around them to go ‘awwwww’…
  • Books are a great gift for a child and will probably last a lot longer than any other gift. Whether in the Easter theme or not, a child who loves to read will adore a new addition to their collection which they can enjoy on their own or with you.
  • A DVD will keep the children entertained long after Easter has been and gone. New movies come out each new, including Easter versions. Even if the rabbit is not the Easter bunny, it’s close enough for the day.
  • For a cheaper gift, stickers are the way to go. There are many different stickers available in different sizes and can be brought anywhere in town. Cheap, versatile and pretty, children can decorate anything and everything with this great Easter gift.
  • To go one step further, why not get some art supplies. Easter is a holiday where everything is so much colourful. Colouring books and paint kits can allow children to be artistic as they want. An Easter egg decorating kit can bring the two together.
  • Clothing with Easter themes on them makes a cute gift for young children. Younger and older girls will pretty much adore something that has cut little bunnies hopping around on the front of their dress but boys … probably not.

There are endless options if you are looking for gift ideas for children at Easter. If in doubt, you could always buy them something that they would simply enjoy without having any Easter theme or connection.

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