Garden Edgers: Basic Steps in Creating One

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When your garden gets to its final look, it deserves to have a garden edger for a cleaner appeal. Garden edgers are used as divisions between the lawn and the garden. Furthermore, garden edgers are also used for plants to be of an apparent separation from the walkway. These would minimize the risk brought about by the unavoidable growing breadth of grasses all around. With a proper garden edging installation, you can always keep compost in the garden.

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There are different types of garden edgers but the most frequently used are the wood garden edgers, metal strips, stone pavers and spade-cut trenches. The advantages that you can get from using a garden lawn edging may vary from what type you would prefer among the options. Now, lets move on to the basic tips on starting out a garden edger for your garden bedding.

Straight Or Curve?

First, gather every aspect that needs one’s consideration. The type of garden could be the main aspect to check on to; be it a garden planted with vegetables or flowers or a garden with ornamental scenery. The shape of garden edgers may vary from what type of a garden they are going to be installed for. Vegetable gardens are usually made up of straight long rows while the ornamental ones are commonly of spherical shape due to its lawn beautification purpose.

Create a raw template of where you would want your garden edger to be placed. Straight lines are desirable because they are obviously easy to construct compared to curve ones. However, a curve garden edger will look a lot more eye-catching and classy. Straight line garden edgers, on the other hand, can add a fresh look in your lawn with their beautifully uniformed garden bedding’s borders.

For straight line edgings, a string can be of great use. You can use a small shovel to dig in to corners where you can put sticks dependable enough to stand temporarily. After doing such, you can now have fun in connecting the sticks in either a clockwise or a counterclockwise manner. Garden edgers with patterns which are not based on the aforementioned ones are just unthinkable.

For curved garden edgers, a garden hose is preferably the best tool to use. Additionally, you may have a hard time on manually creating the border’s template so you might want to draw it on a paper beforehand. Besides, the bendable property of a hose will help you in laying out the pattern you desire.

Garden Edgers: Basic Steps in Creating One

The next step for building garden edgers is the dirty job of actually marking the string or hose line with paint colors or garden limes. After this step, your mind-created template will become an apparent garden edgers’ pattern. This step would give you the idea of where the digging process would begin as well as to where it would end.

You can now start digging in for trenches where you could put your garden edgers into before moving the dirt back on. If stone pavers are your top option then you should make your trenches a bit wider than it should be if you’re just going to use other types of garden edgers. One must be reminded that stone pavers settles over time so, if they appear to be above ground level after installation, there is nothing for you to worry.

Putting a borderline on your garden will give people the idea that your garden is no longer under progress but is already a propagating one.


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