Four True Encounters with Spirits in Singapore

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All the tales recorded here are based on actual encounters with spirits in Singapore.

Encounter 1 brunei-hostel2

Alan and Alex were young and enthusiastic real estate agents, freshly graduated from the university. In the course of their work, they got to know about a haunted house in Singapore.

Being young and bold, they were keen to meet the spirits and to prove their courage. They arranged to meet at 8 Pm one evening with a group of friends outside the haunted house.

Once the door to the house was opened, a chill wind from within made the hairs on their arms stood up. All their friends were refused to go in. Alan and Alex conquered their fear of the unknown and went in.

They met no ghost and saw nothing. They felt the chill and damp air that cut into their bones.

A few days later, Alan was driving his car along the expressway when his engine caught fire. Alan managed to get out in time, but the fierce fire consumed his car. All his personal documentations, including his driving license, credit cars, insurance papers, passport and wallet were reduced to ash.

Alex was not much better. While waiting for the light to turn green, a taxi jammed into his car. He sent his car for repair, fortunately the insurance company of the taxi driver foot the bill.

A day after his car returned from the workshop, Alex found his car damaged by vandalism. All the windows were smashed into pieces, and his laptop gone. He sent his car to the workshop again. The mechanics joked that his car was truly “bloody red”.

A few days later, he drove his car away from the workshop. Three days later, he drove to meet his client. While driving on a perfectly straight road, a car turned out from the side road and smashed into this car. Alex sent his car to the workshop for the third time in a month.

Alan’s mother and Alex’s mother got to hear the misfortune afflicting these two young agents. They suspected correctly that their sons offended some spirits, and arranged for their sons to pray at the Chinese Taoist temples to seek protection.

Alex and Alan enjoyed a peaceful and accident-free year after a few offerings at the Chinese temples.

Encounter 2 Singapore_Airlines_777_First_Class251

In Singapore, it is still a common sight to see people offering prayers along the public walkway. A plate of fruits (usually apples and oranges) is placed by the side of the path, and three joss-sticks were lit and stick to the ground.

Johnny was a bright and playful 3 years old.

One day, he saw the plate of fruits by the pathway. He kicked plate and sent the fruits rolling all over the place.

That night, he started crying once his parents switched off the light. His parents were very puzzled and questioned him about his fear. He kept saying that he was frightened. It went on for a few nights, whenever the light was off, he started crying. His parents decided to leave the lights on.

On Sunday, his parents brought him to church. The moment he stepped into the church he started howling.

He cried so loudly that his Sunday school teacher asked his parents to remove him from class. His parents brought him to the morning service, and he howled throughout the service.

The priest noticed that Johnny stopped crying whenever he was out of the church compound. He knew that a 3 years old boy could not cry continuously for an hour without falling asleep. Some spirits must be disturbing Johnny.

He brought Johnny out of the church and questioned him closely. He got to know about Johnny’s playful act, and knew that the Spirit was punishing Johnny.

He prayed with the Johnny’s family, seeking protection from the Creator of Heavens and Earth.

The spirit left. Johnny was not fearful of the dark anymore.

Encounter 3
Uncle Lim was a 60 years old man.

During the annual Tomb Sweeping Day, also known as Qing Ming Festival in Chinese, Uncle Lim and his family would go to the cemetery, and placed offering to his dead ancestors.

The sky was blue with white clouds on this day. Uncle Lim’s ancestors were located at the top of the hill. After prayer was done, Uncle Lim looked down the lush green valley. He had a sudden urge to take a picture of this scenic view. He took out his camera and chose a good position to take the picture.

As his finger pressed the shutter, he lost his balance and rolled down the hill. He landed in the monsoon drain at the foot of the hill.

There was not a single droplet of water in the drain. Uncle Lim landed on his back and lost consciousness.

He spent 3 months in the hospital. He underwent a few surgeries to remove the crashed and broken pieces of bones from his body.

His wife knew that he had offended the dead. His family prepared a roasted pig, a roasted duck, a chicken and other food to seek forgiveness from the spirit. They located the exact spot that Uncle Lim took his picture. It was in front of an old grave. They asked for forgiveness and begged the spirit to let Uncle Lim live.

Uncle Lim took a year to recover, and returned to work. His camera was smashed to pieces and the image was not recoverable.

Encounter 4 haunted-nee-soon-camp-white-house

Mrs Tan went to the temple to pray. She sought the winning lottery numbers from the deity. The deity granted her wish. Mrs Tan was richer by a hundred thousand dollars with the numbers.

She did not bring any offering to the temple to give thanks to the deity.

A week later, her son was stricken with a strange sickness. It never crossed her mind that the deity was warning her.

She sent her son to the hospital. The doctors were puzzled by the high fever, and suspected viral infections. The doctors decided to keep her son warded for various tests and observations.

All the tests and x-ray result came out negative. There was not a single indication that her son was sick.

Mrs Tan transferred her son to a private hospital. The specialists subjected her son to a considerable number of tests. The tests came back negative. The specialists could not do anything, and dared not give any medication except panadol.

Mrs Tan requested the hospital to discharge her son. She sought medical advice from the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medical) practitioner. The TCM practitioner prepared herbal medications. The herbs were not effective. The son was still sick and running a high fever.

Mrs Tan was desperate and went to the Temple to seek the help of a medium. The medium informed her that the deity was punishing her for her ungratefulness. If she wanted her son to get well, she had to sponsor the cost for an elaborate offering for the birthday celebration of the deity.

The total cost of the offerings plus all the medical bills totaled a hundred and twenty thousands dollars. Mrs Tan used up the lottery winnings, and dipped into her savings for the additional twenty thousand dollars.


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