Foods that can help or harm your sleep

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A good sleep prepares you for the next day, provides you more energy and allows you to be more efficient in everything you do.

Sleeping well is the most important fact in our health, because when we sleep, the body is regenerated.

The consumption of coffee during the working hours won’t help you if you didn’t rested overnight. The coffee will just give you more energy for the moment and it won’t let you to sleep the next night.
It is recommended to limit to one cup of coffee in the morning and avoid it after lunch.

You will be surprised to learn how important is a balanced nutrition for the quality of sleep. Pay attention to the following advice if you wish to have a good sleep:

1. Avoid hardly digestible food or very spicy food. It will produce you gastric crises.

2. Avoid alcohol! Although you can feel dizzy and very sleepy after consuming alcohol, the chemical reactions from the body during sleep will stop your brain to rest.

3. Eat cherries! These fruits are rich in vitamins and contain a substance called melatonin, found in the human body, which is responsible for balancing the sleep.
4. Before going to bed, you can drink a glass of milk sweetened with honey. Both products contain tryptophan, which induces sleep. They will help you to have a deep sleep.

5. People who don’t sleep enough have the tendency to eat excessively in order to supply the lack of energy. All the extra calories can lead in time to obesity.

The choices we do regarding our eating habits and preferred foods depend a lot on how rested we are. Knowing all this, we should make the best choices for having a good night sleep.Sleeping princess


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