How to find Love in critical economic situation

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Finding love during hard economic times


Finding love is hard enough but add the decaying of our economy and you have a recipe for disaster. Money is just not that readily available anymore, you can’t go to the flower shop and buy your sweetie flowers just because, you have to pay the power bill instead. So how do we do it, how do we find love during this hard time?
Create a budget
Making a budget for yourself is the first step; you need to decide what you can spend on dates, meals, movies, and other activities. It is true that you don’t need to spend money for love, but it is nice to go out once in a while. Write down your budget and only use what is left over after bills are taken care of, for dates.
Get out there
You don’t have to spend money to find someone to date, they are everywhere. Church, school, work, and can be anyone, friends, neighbors, even strangers. You just need to get out of the house and look for them. Once you find someone you would like to date, all you have to do is ask them, right?
Dates and activities
There are many money saving date ideas if you know where to look. Fun, cheap, dates include going to the park, renting movies and watching them at home, go to the “cheap” theatre’s, and order lunch at dinner because these portions tend to be smaller and cheaper. Your date doesn’t have to be dull or boring; they can be fun without any money at all.
Going bowling and inviting other friends along to share the tab can be a great money saving date. Not only is bowling fun, it isn’t all that expensive. By inviting others, they can help pay for the bill. You don’t have to go out to eat because most bowling alleys have food and drinks right there for a good price.

Hiking is another great money saving date idea, if your date likes the outdoors, then this is perfect. Find a good spot to hike where you can be alone (if that’s what you are looking for) and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while you also enjoy each other’s company.

Take your dog for a walk; this will give you time to spend together just talking, you can stop at a local park and play with the dog. This will cost you no money at all!

Whatever you decide to do, just remember that you need to stick to your budget, if your date isn’t impressed because you didn’t spend enough money, then they obliviously are not right for you. Take advantage of local parks that offer live music for free and keep an eye out for activities in your area that don’t cost a penny.


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