Feng Shui in the wardrobe

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Most of us wear only 20% of clothes in the wardrobe in 80% of the time. If you do not believe, do this test for a month: every time you wear something and wash it, hang it in your closet. At the end of the month (in case you have not changed this habit just to win this test or you have a job that requires you to vary your clothes often), you will notice that most of the time you wear the same clothes.

These percentages can be applied to many other daily activities. We achieve 80% of the results of our actions by making an effort of 20%. We use in proportion of 80% only 20% of the items that are available.
How to give up your old clothes

When it comes to clothes, separate them with sincerity in 20% clothes that you really like and 80 % clothes that fill your space and it will be easier to remove the excess.

When you sort the clothes, establish first some criteria depending on what you must throw and what you should keep. First check the colors. What colors make you energetic and what colors make you feel lazy? The idea is to wear colors that make you feel confident and that match your personality.

This criterion will help you to sort 50% of the clothes and give up some of them, especially as you realize that you never liked those.

Try the rest of your clothes to see how they fit you. If you don’t like the way you look, the texture, the cutting or the material, then throw them away. closet-pink

You must decide to never buy clothes that don’t represent you or that don’t suit you well, because now you know that those clothes will be part of the rate of 80% on which you spend your money without having any benefit. You can buy fewer things and spend more, but you’ll wear clothes that are more precious and that you love.

Even if you’re on a budget, it’s recommended to buy more expensive things. If you look and feel good, your energy will increase.

Some people keep things in the closet many years in a row. They say that if you keep all your clothes in the closet, they will be in fashion again. It’s true, but fashion always returns with new expressions and forms. The idea is that if you have clothes in the closet that you haven’t worn more than a year or two, it’s better to give up them.


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