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We all yearn to have a healthy life on earth and be in great shape like some of the models we see on commercials. Looking good and feeling great comes with hard work and dedication to certain components of life. These are food, exercise and a stable psychological state.


It’s an undisputed fact that when we eat right we live healthier lives. The issue is actually knowing what to eat. There is always a certain nudge to just eat but really are we eating right? Comes in the subject of ‘balanced diet’. A healthy and balanced diet is one that a person will eat a wider variety of foods at the right proportions. The experts would tell you that foods are divided into various groups i.e. foods containing fats and sugar, starchy foods, fruit and vegetables, meat or fish or eggs. These different groups have their own worth to the human body and they provide us with specific vitamins or nutrients.

Vitamins and minerals and basically gotten from fruits and vitamins. Automatically a person’s immunity is boosted when this is done on a regular basis. We don’t always want to fall sick so let’s give our bodies the required “motivation” to get the job done. Skipping breakfastis something that many people do but they don’t know that breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day. We need the energy to ‘jumpstart’ the body to action and when we deprive it of this we are draining it of resources. We can decide to have a banana alongside cereals in the morning and this can be a perfect blend of different kinds of foods involved here since there’s a fruit, milk and cereal (starch). A healthy lifestyle also means that we should cut down on certain things or take less of them. One of these is salt. The average adult human being should not exceed more than 6 grams of salt intake in one day since too much intake is directly connect to high bloodpressure. Health experts also put it out there that we should drink a lot of water, 8 glasses of water a day to be precise. Not that when we feel thirsty is when we go drink water.

As human beings we ought to be very much aware of our weight and how prone we are to increase it. The BMI (body mass index) is a crucial piece of information each and every person should be knowing. This is what would determine if a person is overweight or weight is ok. It works with the principle of whether a person’s weight exceeds an acceptable amount in relation to his/her height. A perfect way to also keep fit whether over weight or normal is to exercise. Having consistent exercise routines keeps us physically fit and our organs even functioning much better. Exercising burns the calories in our bodies and even gets rid of the fat build up. Just a simple jog in the morning can help a lot, going to the gym and doing aerobics, swimming, riding a bicycle. Keeping physically fit also has a mental relation since a person will be more relaxed a good deal thus more productive and less tensed.


Healthy living needs dedication of diet, body and mind. A person should be ready to avoid all the fatty sugary foods he/she might have been taking on a daily basis and concentrate on balancing the different food groups and engage in physical exercises too. This will definitely boost the life of this person; after all we all want to live longer.


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