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Cellulite can prove rather unsightly and is seemingly impossible to treat. Millions suffer from this condition, which is caused by fat buildup deep below the skin’s surface. While cellulite seems to strike a wide array of ages as well as people from both genders, it is most common in women over the age of thirty. This is due to the natural aging of the skin, which includes a reduction in collagen production and elasticity. When our skin becomes less elastic, it can no longer maintain its smooth, firm texture. Unfortunately, most people who develop cellulite seem stuck with it for life. They simply do not know where to turn for effective elimination of the harmless yet disfiguring buildup.

With thousands of products claiming to cure cellulite, one might assume these dimples and bulges can be easily dealt with. The truth, though, is that nearly all these supposed treatments are unsuccessful. After numerous failed solutions, many people end up resorting to drastic measures, like risky plastic surgery, or simply give up and hide their bodies under layers of clothing.
Thankfully, though, there is one product on the market that can provide intensive cellulite therapy. It is called cosmetyn, and it’s available risk-free through a special internet trial. Featured by such renowned organizations as CBS News and The Today Show, cosmetyn could provide a solution to the millions of cellulite sufferers around the globe.
In clinical trials, 90% of people using cosmetyn saw a dramatic reduction in the appearance of cellulite. This improvement was the result of so-called “reverse differentiation,” a process in which fat cells and fatty tissue actually transform back to their healthy state.
So, how does cosmetyn work?

Well, with its patented Dermaplex-12 complex of ingredients this cream effectively transforms patches of cellulite into normal, healthy skin. Fatty deposits are smoothed over time, which reduces the appearance of bumps, lumps, and dimples. At the core of the Dermaplex-12 complex are two powerful antioxidants: green tea extract and grape seed extract. The complex also contains a number of other key ingredients, like glaucine to prevent fat cell formation and coenzyme-A, which helps burn existing fat deposits. There’s also extract from the elderberry, a substance that can reduce water retention and dry out fluid deposits, as well as bupleurum falcatum, which contains an enzyme that can quickly and effectively break down fat.

As it works to reduce or eliminate cellulite, cosmetyn actually diminishes a person’s fat deposits and releases water retention. Not only does this create a dramatic change in skin’s appearance, it also helps you look and feel thinner. In just four weeks of use, participants in a recent study saw a 60% reduction in unsightly fat deposits.
Of course, many people worry about using topical products that can have uncomfortable side effects, like a rash or burning. However, there is no such risk with cosmetyn, which is hypoallergenic and has no reported instances of discomfort even with regular usage. Plus, cosmetyn is safe to use on all areas affected by cellulite. Users report exceptional results applying it to their thighs, stomach, and buttocks.
So, what can cosmetyn truly offer you? First and foremost, it brings renewed self-confidence. According to some users, cosmetyn is solely responsible for their newfound appreciation of bikini season. Second, cosmetyn can save you money. When you find success with cosmetyn, you will no longer shell out hundreds of dollars for unsuccessful treatments and procedures. Finally, cosmetyn is easy to purchase (especially with the free trial offer) and even simpler to use. All you need to do is apply the cream regularly to the areas you want to shrink. After that, cosmetyn does all the work.


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