Can Education Eradicate Superstition?

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What is superstition? Superstition basically means to possess a thinking or belief that is not based on any knowledge or logic.

Many people around the world are superstitious. The only difference is in the forms of superstitions.

Can education eradicate superstition? It is unlikely in the foreseeable future.  Many educated people hold some forms of superstitions.  Even many teachers are having their own superstitions.  They may not say but their actions show.superstitions

Many office buildings in part of the world do not have 13th storey. People living in this part of the world do not like the number 13, as it reminds them of Friday the 13th, a day of supposedly bad luck.

Education can make people less superstitious. At least educated people are more likely to send the sick to the hospital, than to call priests to cast out demons in order to cure the sick. Education provides an understanding of the diseases, the cause and the cure of the diseases.

Superstitions are due to fear of the unknown. Once the unknown becomes known, there is no longer any superstition.

As imperfect human beings, no matter how much science has made progression, we will not be able to gain complete knowledge on everything. There will still be some areas that we can never know.ciep

We may never know the cause of the psychic power that some people possess. We may never invent something to capture, and harness the psychic power and use it to our advantage.

As mortals, we have a fear of dying. Not knowing where we go after death. Not knowing how and when we are going to die. This is the greatest unknown factor that causes all the superstitions in the world.

Education can never eradicate superstitions relating to death. Nobody knows how to stop death from claiming all of us. Nobody knows how to predict the time of death accurately for everyone of us.290515-superstitions

Nobody can prove that the dead are enjoying life or suffering in any other places. Since education cannot stop us from fear of dying and death, people, even highly educated people, are still superstitious.

Can education eradicate superstition? It is not likely in the foreseeable future.

It is only when human beings gain complete knowledge of everything, then education is able to eradicate superstition. For the present, education does reduce a lot of superstitious beliefs around the world.


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