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Do you have trouble losing weight? Is your liver sluggish? Having a sluggish liver can slow fat burning and allow toxins to build up in your body. The first step you need to do is to start to flush out your body. Remove the toxins and this will help get your metabolism moving again. Mix a glass of water with about 1- 0z of unsweetened cranberry juice and 2- 0z of orange juice. The water will reduce the liver strain, and diluted toxins are flushed out through the liver fastest. Now the cranberry juice will reduce the inflammation in the liver’s tissues and help it function more efficiently. The orange juice with its vitamin C and flavonoids help the liver to process the fats and toxins and move them out faster.
Another supplement that works wonders is milk thistle! It is a rejuvenating supplement and it speeds up the growth of healthy liver cells, and reduces the risk of serious liver problems.
Now having a fatty liver is the most common liver problem people have, but by taking a soybean extract this stops it from occurring and slows it down for people who have been diagnosed with fatty liver. This extract can be purchased in health food stores. Talk to your doctor before taking any supplements.

Eat guacamole; this will quickly break down tissue damaging toxins because your liver needs to make a steady stream of an antioxidant called glutathione. Your liver will produce more of it and effectively if just eaten one or two avocados a week. This can heal a damaged liver in 30-60 days.
Have pain or a headache, well you better go easy on the pain relievers  because the problem is that taking too much of acetaminophen can slowly start a damaging compound called TNF, which is the leading cause of liver failure. Many people just pop pain relievers  and exceed the normal dosage.
In low doses, your liver can break down the acetaminophen, but taking more than 4,000 mg in one day or three to four days can cause permanent damage.

Actually a survey has discovered taking aspirin is the least likely to harm your liver. To help along your liver and burn more fat start to walk. Taking 20-minute walks will not only increase oxygen and nutrients, which help the liver to detox, but you, will burn calories and tone muscles.

The exercise will help keep your blood sugar steady and prevent fat from replacing healthy liver tissue. People who exercise has seen liver function improve, even if they do not lose a pound. Now snacking on edamame can also heal your liver in as little as 30 days.

Eating foods like oatmeal that is loaded with soluble fiber binds the toxins in the digestive tract and forces them excreted before they cause any liver damage.
Yogurt- Stabilizes blood sugar, which helps stop fatty build up especially in the belly?
Broccoli- Just like avocados boosts the production of glutathione.


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