The Best Way to Protect Your Online Information and Increase Security

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Millions of people around the globe use the Internet every day and surf the web for various reasons. But, not all websites and internet applications are safe. Others might be infected with hidden viruses set up by hackers that could harm your device and collect your private information. And, that’s not a good thing. Once they have collected that vital info, they can hack your account(s), damage your device and even steal your money.

The key thing to protect, is your IP Address, why? Because once a person gets this information, they can use this to sneak into your device, turn firewalls off and this is where the terror of hacking begins.

The IP address is your device’s own unique code consisted of numbers separated by dots, which is assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider.

This is crucial because every device needs an IP Address to be able to interact on the Internet.

Your IP Address is very important that is why it must be secured always.

There is no such thing as being too careful you know. So, how can you prevent these awful events from ever happening to you?

An IP hiding software which gives you anonymity is the answer. Protect your online information.

There is a wide range of software that claim to keep your personal information safe, but how can you be sure? A few of them may actually just be a virus in disguise waiting for you to download them so they can rob what you’ve been trying to protect in the first place!

So, which software should you choose?

You’re going to need something that can give you anonymity, hide your IP address which can secure your information, is fast, reliable and of course safe and foolproof!

SafeIP is that product that can do the job just right! It fits all the needed necessities mentioned above. It’s fast, secure, easy-to-use and won’t cost you any money! Yes, that is right; it’s free and never expires. And, there aren’t even any ads, plus it works on all browsers! Unlike those other brands that aren’t as fast, are faulty, limited and expect you to pay them for it!


What are the benefits of SafeIP?

1. It leaves you anonymous by hiding your IP which ensures your safety up to a 100%.

2. It secures your information, since it encrypts your internet traffic with a proxy.

3. It gives you an option to choose your anonymous IP location that’s closest to you, so you can surf the web quickly and efficiently.

4. Relieves you from the expense of having to waste money! It’s free, no strings attached.

5. You can change your IP anytime without all the hassle.


How do you use SafeIP?

It’s actually pretty simple, after installing all you’ve got to do is learn the basics.

First, the Dashboard, this where you are taken to once you start up the program and is where you can change your IP Address’s current location, see your original IP and even an overview of the protection settings you’ve activated.

Settings, on this page you are able to configure your protection/the application settings.

Optimizations, this page displays you their currently available options that gives users a chance to configure the software to best fit their usage.

Languages, on this page you get to choose your preferred language.



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