How to Attract Beautiful Women by Just Changing Your Words

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If you’re one of the men who think a fairy tale prince, gentleman-like approach can charm a beautiful woman in the real world into liking you, chances are you have failed terribly several times.  By beautiful women I do not refer to the “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” type of beautiful wherein different men will have opposing opinions on a woman. These women that I refer to are beautiful in the eyes of everyone. These are the type you see in billboards, magazines, a celebrity look-alike, or even a celebrity themselves. And yes, you can have them all by just changing your words.
The deal with beautiful women is they react very differently to the other women we are used to hang out with. These women get all the attention of the men all the time. Their everyday exposure to men allows them to read if the man approaching them is just another guy who is going to try and flirt unsuccessfully. Thus, once they see you’re just a sheep among the alpha male wolves, they close the door hard on your face.  The following will explain how you must behave to be the alpha male and attract beautiful women.shutterstock_188036681
First, DO NOT even try to imitate a prince in the fairy-tale. In other words, do not kiss ass. Complementing them will only make it worse. After all, beautiful women get compliments all the time from men in a daily basis. They are sick of it. These mean nothing to them anymore. They do not need any more confirmation that they are beautiful; they already know they are. If you throw out a “Hey you look really beautiful in that dress” line, they will interpret you as a guy who just wants her to get laid. In a nutshell, do not show anything that well spell “I like you” out to her face.
Second, give her negative comments. Why? Beautiful women rarely get this. Throwing negative compliments at them will surely get their attention. Of course do not make it too harsh. You must also think about negative comments. Throwing a “Hey B*tch” will surely get you a slap on the face, literally.  For example, you see a beautiful woman in the bar, approach her and say “Hey aren’t you the zombie stripper from the movie Zombie Strippers?” To be clear, it’s not exactly a direct, premeditated insult aimed to hurt her. 400-300x199

We are saying as if apparently, it’s just that she just looks like the zombie stripper from the movie! Another example is saying “Are those nails real? They look really fake to me”. These comments shatter the ego of the beautiful women. Thus, instead of them just replying a cold “Thanks” to a compliment, your negative comment will receive a reply such as “Huh? What did you say?!” or if you’re lucky she’ll give you a soft punch. Negative comments help send messages to the beautiful women that you are not interested in her and thus, she will be more than willing to continue a conversation with you.
As a summary, since beautiful women behave very differently from other women, our approach to them must also be different. In the everyday of beautiful women, they receive compliments all the time.  They are sick of it. Thus, our approach must be the opposite – not kissing ass, not showing interest and by giving negative comments. These attract their attention into striking a conversation with you. By just changing your words, beautiful women will love your company.  Who knows, you might just get laid too.


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