Abs workout in home to look fit and healthy

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As vacation time coming up, everyone wants to look fit and healthy. Whether it is a flat stomach for your cute wife or making those powerful six packs for your girlfriend to adore. Here is a list of Abs workout which will help you to achieve all the fitness goals and enjoy your vacation with perfect body.





It is one of the very simple Abs exercises which a beginner can start with. The only thing you have to do is to stand straight and twist to your right side to pick up a weighted object like book. Once you grab it with hands, twist to your left with your hips facing forward. Keep the book down on the surface and repeat these steps while twisting from your spine.


Butterfly Crunch:


If you wish to strengthen and flatten your stomach then butt
erfly crunch is a perfect way to go. Lie on the ground and bring your both the arms behind the head and cross them properly. After this, bring bottom of your feet together so that they can touch together. The next step is to raise your torso upwards and lift it down slowly. Do this exercise for 10-15 minutes so as to contract your core muscles.


Side Sit up:


It is one of the effective and easy Abs workouts, which is recommended by many experts. In this exercise you have to lie down on the surface as if you are in sit-up position. Allow the knees to fall towards the right with your chest facing upwards. Keep your hands resting behind the head and lift the shoulders upwards without raising your knees.


Reverse Crunch:


This Abs workout starts on your back. In reverse crunch you have to put palms of your both hands on the floor while flanking the legs. Bend your knees a bit and raise them above the chest. Get back to original position and repeat these steps for 5-10 minutes regularly to enjoy its benefits.

Whether you are a beginner or doing exercises regularly, above mentioned Abs workouts will definitely provide you great motivation to add them in your daily exercise schedule.


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