9 Fashion Trends and Easy Tips for Spring 2014

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There are many exciting fashion trends that you’ll see as Spring rolls in. Get the scoop on what to watch for and how to incorporate it into your existing wardrobe.

1. Loose Fit Tops



Midriff is back from American Apparel to the Red Carpet with these new wide tops that hang off the frame. They vary in cut (sleeveless, long sleeved, collared) but they all share a loose fit below the bustline and a relaxed drape off the shoulders.

Fashion Tips: While you wait for Spring to warm up, look for this type of shirt knitted to add extra warmth.

Pair it with: Circle skirts or leggings


2. Circle Skirts


These trendy skirts are sexy, comfy and go with everything – a triple threat! Circle skirts are usually made out a stiffer material and are cut in a circular shape so they make a bold impression at your hips and accentuate your waist.

Fashion Tips: If you have shorter legs try shopping for a shorter version of this skirt to keep the skirt flirty.

Pair it with: Knee high socks, Loose fit tops


3. Art Print Flowers

9 Fashion Trends and Easy Tips for Spring 2014

Bold is the theme of the season and in flower prints it means large and colorful flowers. Sunflowers are a great way to bring in Spring and retro flower prints are in.

Fashion Tips: Get flower print that has colors you regularly wear so you can match it with more of your wardrobe.

Pair it with: Solid pastels or denim


4. Peep Dresses


Great for spring or summer, these dresses have an open seam to reveal just a little bit of your back or waist.

Fashion Tips: If it’s colder, pair with a short cardigan so you don’t cover up the allure.

Pair it with: Boho bags and kitty heels


5. Bold Lines

9 Fashion Trends and Easy Tips for Spring 2014

Art Deco has been revived and this Spring you’ll see it as bold lines accentuating natural curves. Even if you have a straighter frame these lines will bring out your figure.

Fashion Tips: Vertical lines help visually slim down your figure and horizontal lines widen it.

Pair it with: Stilletos and large jewelry


6. The Wrapped Dress Look

Green-Warped dress

This edgy style of dress looks like a continuous piece of material is wrapped around the body, leaving many places of the waist and back exposed. You saw it on the Red Carpet and in the Olympics, now try a simplified version for a night out.

Fashion Tips: If you have a larger bust try finding shirts that have a similar look but provide enough coverage to accommodate your bra.

Pair it with: Sandals with bling and crystal-accented jewelry


7. Hot Pink


From nail polish to dresses, hot pink is in high demand for Spring. This color makes a playful statement that is sure to have you stand out wherever you go.

Fashion Tips: If you have a very pink complexion this color could make it look worse, so instead try wearing hot pink accessories rather than a whole dress.

Pair it with: Black and white.


8. Nude


Nude colored dresses allow for an exciting allure without having to be too revealing. They look best when dressed up with pearls, sequins, or gemstones.

Fashion Tips: Not all skin colors are the same so shop carefully to find a shade closest to your skin tone to keep the feel of the dress.

Pair it with: Pearls or gemstones and a natural hairstyle


9. Deep V-Necks


The sensual nature of cleavage is enhanced with this season’s deep v-necks. They vary in style, some have clear straps connecting the two halves and some meet at the waist.

Fashion Tips: Bras are tricky with this neckline so consider wearing pasties or stick-on cups.

Pair it with: Y shaped necklaces and pulled back hair

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