8 Home Remedies for acne scars

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#1 Honey

bmd honeyMassage your acne scars with honey or take it orally to get a healthy looking skin. Honey is measured to be a natural antibacterial element that helps treat acne.

Mixing it with some lemon drops and then applying on the skin will offer great cleansing and beneficial properties. Lemon’s acidic nature will help kill bacteria, while honey’s soothing properties will help rejuvenate the skin.

#2 Potatoesbmd147852369m

Potatoes work wonders on clearing pimple marks. Just rub a slice of raw potato or apply the juice of RAW potatoes on your acne marks to get clear skin. Potato lightens the marks due to its bleaching properties.

aggravate a raw potato and rub the pulp on your face. Wait a few minutes and wash the juice off with warm water. Pursue this remedy for at least two weeks to stop pimples and zits from erupting.

#3 Fenugreek extract bmd47klo1452

Fenugreek has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothing action on the skin that helps heal skin conditions and reducing acne scars.


#4 Sandalwoodbmd14785236963

Mix sandalwood powder with rosewater and lemon juice and apply to your pimple/ acne marks daily.

#5 Curdbmd123697521

Massage your skin regularly with curd to lighten scars and get softer skin. Curd has a good content of lactic acid which acts a gentle bleaching agent. The lactic acid in curd is milder on skin than citric acid. This makes curd a much healthier option to try if you have sensitive skin.

#6 Mint Leavesbmd145236lkjhg

Mint leaves acts as a natural & an unbelievable healer for acne & its scars. Its outer provision of smashed leaves will helps to fade away the acne scars & inner intake decontaminate the blood & prevents the re-event of acne. It is antioxidant & tones up the skin & helps to order of scars.

#7 Olive oilbmdkj141414

It’s a miracle healer! Wash your face with lukewarm water and towel dry. Take some olive oil and massage your face. Keep for two hours and then wash your face with a glycerin based face wash. This necessary oil features properties that help kill the pimples causing bacteria, while deep nourishing the skin for a soft and supple feel.


#8 Lemon juicebmd14521245

Lemons are rich in vitamin C that plays an important role in synthesis of collagen in the body. For this reason, regular use of lemons – both internally as part of the diet and externally on the skin – can help keep your skin healthy and free from scars.


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