6 Steps to cure your broken heart

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We all experienced at least once in our life the pain of a broken heart and each of us got over it in our own way. After all it is true that time cures everything. Some people say that it should take half of the time you’ve been together to get over somebody. There are though a few things which could help to recover quicker from that agony:
1. Throw away all the pictures where you look happy and he looks sexy!

There is no point in torturing your self by looking back and remembering the happy times. You can do that only after you will get over him and who knows may be become good friends. Now you need to remember all the bad things about him. at the end of the day it is better alone than in an unhappy relationship. Life is too short and the perfect guy might be just around the corner!

2. Change your look!
A change of look can put you in a better mood and may be help you see that things aren’t that bad. Every woman knows how important it is to be beautiful. It has a big effect on the way you feel.

3. Go to the Gym!

By exercising you will be able to relief all your stress and anger. Also now you can eat as many cookies as you wish with out worrying that you’ll get fat.

4. Go shopping!

What better way to make your self feel better than practicing the women hobby: shopping! Now it’s the time to spoil your self.

5. Start Dating!

The last thing on your mind is dating other guys. Do try it though! It will make feel like an attractive woman again. the world does not stop just because he left you. You don’t have to start a serious relationship now but you can go out to a date and have a good time. It is important not to be by your self.
6. Work more!
Avoid thinking at him all the time! A good solution for that is working more than usually. this way your mind will be focused on other things and at night you will be tired enough to get some sleep.


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