5 Ways to Increase Mobile App Downloads

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5 Ways to Increase Mobile App DownloadsSo you’ve built the perfect app. It’s useful, well-designed and works on multiple different devices. Theoretically, the downloads and app purchases should come pouring in, right? Unfortunately, that is not always the case. There are many well designed apps that never really get to see the light of day at no fault of the developer. In order for an app to become truly successful, it takes a lot more than a few social media shares and text messages to friends. A few of the steps that you can take to ensure that your app is accessible, improving your chances of increasing your downloads include;

1. Translate Your App Description

There are mobile users all over the world, and just because your app might appeal most to individuals located in a certain area, that does not mean that they will be the only ones to make the purchase. You should outline a number of different languages that you would like to target, and have your app description translated into those languages so that you can reach a much larger swath of the population at very little cost. Make sure that you hire a quality translation company, as dodgy translations with grammatical errors are likely to do more damage than good.

2. Include Proper Keywords

Take a look at the description of your app. Sure, it describes the product well, but have you put any thought into the keywords that are used? Most app stores utilize the description when users type in searches. If you create an app that brings up a list of martial art training classes in the Seattle area, you want to make sure that your app is the first that pops up when users search “Jiu Jitsu Seattle.” Although you do not want to be overly wordy with the description, make sure that you are being thorough. List all of the different types of martial arts that are covered by your application, and use the Google Keyword Tool to evaluate keywords that might be commonly searched by potential app downloaders.

3. Use Video to Display App Functionality

Screenshots might be an excellent addition to any app page, but they can never truly replace the experience of being able to see an app function at the hands of an experienced user. Add a video to your webpage (or where applicable in the app store) that not only demonstrates how to use the application but also outlines all of the features of the app individually. A more interactive experience will not only increase the level of trust between you and the potential customer but will also allow you to appear more professional.

4. Reach Out to Tech Bloggers

How is anyone going to know to download your app if there is very little visible coverage of it? There are hundreds of tech, app, and gadget bloggers out there that will kill for the opportunity to interview and review a new application. Reach out to these bloggers and offer to do a short interview about your app with them. You’ll find many small to medium sized blogs will really jump at the opportunity, and although some shadier blogs may request payment before mentioning your app, you’ll find that a large majority of the community will be receptive to an exchanging of content.

5. Create a Website and Web Presence

Although easier said than done, creating a website and fostering a complete web presence for your app is certainly going to be the best choice for your long term success. Creating a website gives you the appearance of professionalism and the opportunity to optimize your website for search traffic. Additionally, having a social media presence makes your app more accessible, and helps to get the word out.

There are many steps that can be taken to improve your app downloads and rapidly increase your exposure to the market at large. By starting with your app store presence, and looking at how you can grow your presence around the web – you will greatly increase your app downloads and help you to gain exposure in the long term.


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