10 Reasons to do an Adventure Tour

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For some people the thought of travelling independently is a little frightening so an ‘adventure tour’ can offer safety, fun, ease and a good price. Let’s take a look at the top ten reasons why an adventure tour may be right for you.

Adventure Tours are Easy

If you travel independently then you need to take care of every single detail, from booking flights, arranging transport and accommodation. Tour companies, such as All Points East, will take care of all such aspects, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the adventure. You don’t need to worry about haggling prices with rickshaw drivers, hotel fees or even keeping shady hoteliers away as you will have a tour guide to oversee everything for you.

You Meet New People on Adventure Tours

If you are travelling on your own but don’t want to actually be on your own, then aventure tours as great ways to meet new people. There are adventure tours such as Interpid Travel where you will be travelling with a group of people all wanting to do the same tour as you. Liking them is a different matter however …

Tours are Well-Organized

If you want to see China, Tibet, Burma and Thailand all on one trip then you will need to be organised. Very well-organised. Not only do you have to sort out flights, transport and accommodation, you also need to deal with arranging visas. If you only have a limited amount of time and want to see as much as possible then an adventure is the ideal choice.

An Adventure Tour is A Ready-Made Group

Because an adventure tour is a ready-made group with specified tour dates you don’t have to spend lots of time waiting around for several people to join it. In addition to this, ready-made adventure tours are much cheaper than if you book a solo adventure tour.

Tours are Insured

If you book your adventure tour with a legitimate tour company (look for ABTA and/or IATA logos) then if anything should ever go wrong then you are covered. If not, then you are stuck with your holiday plans ruined with no chance of getting your money back.

You Can Budget Easier With an Adventure Tour

If you only have a limited amount of funds to last you a couple of months but it disappears after a fortnight, then you could land up in serious trouble. When you embark on an adventure tour the majority of your expenses have already been paid upfront (flights, accommodation, transport, some meals and admission entry to sites), thus leaving you only to budget for souvenirs and maybe a few drinks in the evening.

Adventure Tours Means You Don’t Have to Worry About Language Issues

If you are planning on visiting one or more countries you may be worried about the language barrier. If you don’t fancy studying a phrase book (or several if you visit several countries) then an adventure tour will always be accompanied by a local guide who can speak the language.

Tours Can Be Customised

If you are travelling in a small adventure group then the likelihood is that you will only be travelling with between six and ten people. As such, a smaller group means that you will usually get the chance to customise the trip. This will typically be up to the discretion of the operator but groups can have a lot of say in the activities planned.

Tours Have the Right Information

When you embark on an adventure tour then the local guides usually have the right knowledge and facts about the sites. As such, when you’re visiting the top ten highlights in any country they will be able to tell you the story behind them and any local legends or myths which aren’t in the travel guides.

Tours Aren’t That Expensive

When you take into account the cost of your accommodation, transport, food and admission prices then the cost of your adventure tour isn’t that expensive. Yes, these companies are going to make a profit (they have to, remember) but at the end of the day the benefits far outweigh the costs of independent travel. You won’t have to worry about trying to find accommodation in several cities, or sorting out how you will get from one site to another. Adventure tours sell convenience and comfort, so don’t plan your holiday just by the cost.


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