10 Bollywood Celebs Who Looked Totally Unrecognizable As Kids

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Siddharth Malhotra

From ‘not’ to ‘hot,’ Siddharth owes teenage years his heartfelt and everlasting gratitude.

siddharth malhotra bmd


Kangana Ranaut

We’re glad that the Kangana of today got over her distaste to the camera and took to the silver screen with some absolutely brilliant roles, because Kangana Jr. sure doesn’t look too cheesed about being on the getting end of the camera lens.

kangna bmd



Kapil Sharma

For a celebrity of his quality, Kapil is as appearance conscious as the next guy, but guess how many Babaji Ka Thullus he gave about his looks back in his childhood?

kapil sharma bmd



While there is no denying her caliber as an actress, Kajol similarly owes the person who imaginary makeup one helluva thank you.

bmd kajol


Preity Zinta

With her perky smile and bouncy personality, Preity Zinta introduced Bollywood to the power of bubbly, a tag that’s stuck to her ever faithfully ever since. But she was totally different in her childhood.

preity zinta


Bappi Lahiri

Damn. For a minute there, we almost didn’t connect this innocent young kid to the walking, talking gold van he has morphed into today.

bappi lahiri bmd

Priyanka Chopra

With absolutely zero felony to Priyanka, it’d take one hell of a fortune teller to guess that the kid in this photo would one day bring the Miss World crown home and bedazzle the Indian and Western masses alike.

priyanka chopra bmd

Imran Khan

We’d have had a hard time linking the cute little guy in this picture to Imran Khan, but thankfully those thick brows saved the day. bmd imran



Shilpa Shetty

Graceful, stylish and hot, everything that the younger Shilpa was not.

shilpa shetty


Alok Nath

Contrary to what we always thought, Alok Nath didn’t just spring into survival as the healthy, kind Babuji of today. Back in the days of yore, before he singlehandedly took on the task of wiping out the country’s singles registry, Alok Nath looked like he was ready to dole out anything but aashirwaad to the ladies.

alok nath bmd

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