10 Bollywood Celebs and Their Adopted Kids

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1. Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen is the first name that comes to our mind, when we talk about adoption. After all, she fought a long battle to bring her baby, Renee, home.As a single mother, she faced enough inspection back then, but that didn’t stop her from adopting her daughter Alisah again in 2009.



2.Mithun Chakraborty

Mithun Chakrabarty married actress Yogita Bali, who quit films post marriage to take charge of her role as a homemaker. His sons Mimoh, Rimoh, Namashi and daughter Dishani entire his family. Not many people know that Mithun da had adopted his daughter who was abandoned by her biological parents in garbage in the outskirts of Kolkata. And she will come into equal share of his prosperity along with her brothers. Such is the greatness of this generous personality.

bmdmithun chakrabarti

3.Raveena Tandon

She is another actress whose name is also popular in the adoption list. She took this bold step, when she was just 21. Marriage to Anil Thadani happened much later. She adopted two daughters- Chhaya and Pooja, when she was at the peak of her career when she was just 21.


4.Salim Khan

Salim Khan followed this eccentric norm of adoption much before it became a drift among celebrities. Arpita Khan was very young when she was adopted by Salim Khan. She is the youngest of all the Khan Siblings.


5.Subhas Ghai

The Pardes director has not been much vocal about his daughter’s adoption.Subhas Ghai adopted Meghna, who was supposed to be his brother’s daughter. He sent her to London for education and entrusted her with the administration of his acting school and production company.


6.Kunal Kohli

Abiding in the trend of adopting kids next is Kunal Kohli. Kunal and wife Raveena finally adopted little baby Radha, after going through a demanding adoption process.


7.Nikhil Advani

Nikhil Advani dotes on his beautiful daughter, Keya, whom he adopted along with his wife Suporna, in December, 2006. Nikhil even went on to say in an interview that Keya, who was adopted approximately the time he finished his movie Salaam-e-Ishq, is more important than his films.



The actress Shobhana adopted her baby Ananthanarayani and had her annaprashan at Guruvayur temple.


9.Sandip Soparkar

After our Bollywood single moms, comes this single dad, who adopted son Arjun back in 2007, much before he tied the knot with girlfriend Meher.


bmdsandip soparkar

10.Dibakar Banerjee

The ace director Dibakar Banerjee and his wife Richa adopted a baby girl from one of the orphanages in Mumbai and has named her Ira.bmd dibakar banerjee


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